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Namaste fellow Yogis!!

Today is the start of a brand new chapter of my life. (But truly, doesn't every day have the potential to carry that title?) It is the first day of the last semester of my Master's in Religion and Nature here at the University of Florida.

Many people of have asked me... so what's next? And all I have to say to them, and to my self... is to be patient, and watch the journey unfold for itself.

A few months ago, my friend Dave and I started co-facilitating a free community meditation class here in Gainesville on Friday mornings from 8:45-9:45am. This  guided gratitude meditation was from last week. For those of you who know me personally, you know that my Beloved Maine Coon Cat, Mr. Boomer, was missing for 72 hours. Well, he returned home with a gentle "meow" the morning of Friday meditation. I was so phenomenally grateful to have my fuzzy man home with me, that I was inspired to offer a Gratitude meditation, which I happened to record, and now am offering it to everyone else.

The meditation begins with a 10 -minute (or so) breathing exercise, followed by a guided meditation and a 30-minute silent seated practice.

I hope you are able to enjoy and experience gratitude for the Blessings held within every moment of Life itself.

Blessings of Love and Light,