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Namaskarm Yogins! Here is a class that I just recorded this evening here in Gainesville. I hope you enjoy!! This class has a little mythological story about the warrior Virabhadra.  May YOGA continually inspire you to return to your mat and offer more love in the world...

Blessings of Light and Love,


**Please note: I have come to a point in my podcasting that I want to be sharing more of my recorded classes with everyone, although the editing process is quite time consuming for me.  However, I do not want time to be what keeps us apart.  With that being said, I am offering this class in RAW form.  It has not been edited, and I am learning to enjoy it that way.  I took this class again just this morning, and it made me giggle with honor and humility.  So please do forgive the coughs, the right and left mix-ups, the verbal assists I offer to students, and any overall scratches during the class.  I feel that the class is more authentic this way without hiding behind the edits.

Focus of the Month: Shake It Up BABY

(For more information about the Focus of the Month, please visit www.jivamuktiyoga.com)

Beginning Chant:

Om sarva mangala-mangalye shive-sarvatha-sadhike, sharanye tryambake gauri Narayani namo’sthu te (from Durga Saptashati, Chapter 11)

I salute the three-eyed Divine Mother, Narayani, who brings total auspiciousness and who fulfills the desire for liberation. Realization arises with her blessings. Who is the world itself. Only through the experiences of life can the soul be perfected. Honor this gift, your life, bow to Mother Nature.


1. La Femme d'Argent:  Air:  Moon Safari

2. As I Am (Intro): Alicia Keys: As I Am

3. Superwoman:  Alicia Keys: As I Am

4. Twist and Shout: The Beatles:  Please Please Me

5. Where Is The Love?: Black Eyed Peas: Elephunk

6. Shakedown Street:  Grateful Dead:  Shakedown Street

7. Soul Shakedown Party: Bob Marley: Natural Mystic

8. Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Feat. Gunjan): Thievery Corporation: The Cosmic Game

9. Shake: Sam Cooke:  Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964

10. The Ballad Of Shyamdas And Krishna Das: Shyamdas: Beloved Chants

11. Kothbiro: Ayub Ogada: Trance Plane, Vol. 2

12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: Facing Future

13. Three Worlds: John De Kadt: Rhythms of the Infinite

14. Om Shantih: Sharon Gannon: Sharanam